Me…Before Writing Remembering Olympus

Before I wrote Remembering Olympus, I was a person who made the decision to expand my understanding and looked to eastern religions, philosophies, and ideas that studied the nature of spiritual consciousness. I landed in a place that is not so narrow. Instead, it had many options. Not only options that shape our collective belief in a universal creator, but options that shape our ideas of what constitutes an afterlife, what it is, how many we may have if we are not limited to one. I found options that chip away at the diametrically opposed ‘mortality versus immortality’, and more options that explore the concept of love, how it binds us together, and how it may sustain us on some universal level. Still other options that might help us understand the possibility that we may be able to create our own reality by visualizing what we want our lives to be like. Finally, I discovered options that help us see that we may be more than what we understand our selves to be, much more.

Next time….Why I Wrote Remembering Olympus

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