SyFy Channel will debut another fantasy series pretty much encoded in the psyche of film and television audiences. It’s a new series, Olympus, coming in April of this year. When it comes to gods and goddesses, there’s a certain appeal that is undeniable.

Hollywood and television have produced several well-known projects on the subject. There have been two versions of Clash of the Titans, one in 1981, and the remake in 2010. There have been two films based on Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lighting Thief and Sea of Monsters. One recent Hollywood project was The Immortals. A television series, The Odyssey was a small screen adaptation of Homer’s epic, and there was also a later treatment in the Hollywood film, Ulysses. Jason and the Argonauts, an earlier well-known film that focused on the influence of the Olympian gods in human destiny debuted in 1963 which confirms a long term relationship between audiences and Greek mythology. And I would be remiss if I left out the myriad of films based on the legend of Hercules, not to mention the long running television series, Hercules, The Legendary Journeys.

And now, we can look forward to the newest trip back to Olympus courtesy of SyFy channel. I look forward to watching it because I have a long time interest in Greek mythology which inspired me to write my novel, Remembering Olympus. While my book is in no way connected to this new television series either on a creative level or any business or marketing level, I will definitely tune in.

I will tune in because there’s something alluring about a mythology in which immortals and mortals interact, where the boundaries of human existence can be pushed far past what can be proved, and where the possibility of controlling your destiny is squarely on the table. It’s fun to imagine all of these things, and even better when we can see it on big and small screens.

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