Remembering Olympus

Part mystery, part magical, Remembering Olympus is a story of ‘life after life’, tangled destinies, and the creative power of love and jealousy.

Aaron Payne is a son of the working class with visions of a corner office and social respectability. Caught between a world of wealth and a world of want he wishes to leave behind, he meets Miranda Reed, the means to realizing his ambitions. Unaware of yet another world, one of which he has no memory, his posh moneyed life is thrown into upheaval when unforeseen forces intervene and slowly begin pushing lost memories forward.

In pursuit of ‘who he is’, Aaron becomes the pursued after ignoring the advice of his mentor cautioning, “…even goodness has its limitations.”

Prophetic in tone, Remembering Olympus peels back the layers of certainty, challenges perceptions of reality, and gets to the question – Are humans more than mere mortals?

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